Euforia, dry Pinot Gris spumante

euforia spumante pinot grisType: Pinot gris dry spumante

Varietal: Pinot gris – Small pyramidal shaped clusters, medium-small spherical berry with fairly thick skin

Vinification: soft pressed, temperature controlled fermentation in steel tanks for 4/5 days with native and selected yeasts to preserve the freshness of the Pinot. The resulting base wine is then processed following the traditional Charmat spumante technique

Colour: subtle straw-yellow, limpid and clean with a good glycerine base

Aroma: elegantly fragrant and delicate, dominating notes of white blossom characteristic of Pinot

Flavour: fresh and pleasing, with a taste return of bread crust, clean on the palate

Serving: taste at 10 – 12°C in summer, 13 – 15°C in iwinter; serve in stemmed glasses, rounded with narrow opening

Pairing: remarkable for its easy drinking quality, which makes it a good accompaniment for the complete meal; excellent as an aperitif with starters; try it with baked vegetables, fish and savoury flans