The Cellar

A red dot in the green hills: the cellar where our wines grow up is easy for work and nice to welcome you

View of the cellar in the hills

In 2007 we transferred our winery from the old cellars to the new building, which is a picturesque dot of red colour amongst the green hills of Vicobarone.

The new structure is a comfortable and well-equipped cellar where we can process our grapes in the best of working conditions. It is partially built into the side of the hill, taking advantage of the natural thermic control afforded by the surrounding earth.

In front of the cellars is the large open area where we lay out the best clusters of aromatic Malvasia di Candia grapes, to wither and concentrate, to be used for our Passito del Dottore, a sweet Malvasia meditation wine, which has become a source of great satisfaction and pride for us.

We spent several years studying our grapes and our terrain, and we firmly believe we have found the right path: our good wines are made in the vineyard, and we bring to the cellar only those grapes which are perfect and prepared with the utmost respect for the environment, the vintage and the terroir.

Depending on the wines, we work in the cellar with stainless steel, fiberglass or wood.