Casa Piccioni, semi sparkling Gutturnio

The semi sparkling Gutturnio is the most traditional wine of our territory, red color and pleasant taste make this a unique wine in Italy

Type: Colli Piacentini DOC semi-sparkling Gutturnio
Varietal: Barbera 60% – Bonarda 40%
Barbera (traditional): Medium cluster of piramidal shape, tends to be compact, winged (150-200 gr). Medium berry, ellipsoidal; skin covered with a slight powdery veil, intense blue colour, thin but consistent.
Bonarda (traditional): Small cone-shaped cluster, very slightly winged, irregular and loose-packed (150-250 gr); Small berry, round, very sweet; skin covered with a slight powdery veil, often rather tough, slightly tannic, black colour.

Vinification: fermentation in steel tanks with native and selected yeasts

Colour: ruby red with violet highlights, uniform and clean colour

Aroma: intense, very good aromatic notes, hints of violets and Modena cherries, good olfactory acidity with very good aroma balance

Flavour: pleasantly fruity, pervasive notes of cherry and morello cherry, fresh, full-flavoured with excellent taste balance, perfect acidity and pH; dry flavour, elegant on the palate

Serving: 14 – 16 °C (summer), 16 – 18 °C (winter); stemmed rounded glass in closed tulip form

Pairing: suitable for all courses; goes well with pasta with sauces, rice dishes, soups, white or red meats, and the traditional recipes from Emilia and Piacenza areas.