Passito del Dottore, Malvasia

Type: Malvasia Passito

Varietal: Aromatic Malvasia di Candia
Traditional grape varietal. Medium cluster, tapered, pyramidal, often winged, slightly loose-packed (130-200 gr). Medium spherical berry. Thin, sturdy skin, not very veiled, golden yellow colour with dark brown spots. Very aromatic juice.

Vineyard: Territory of Vicobarone, Ziano Piacentino

Vinification: soft pressed, temperature controlled fermentation in steel tanks for 4/5 days with both native and selected yeasts

Ageing: 4 months in steel containers and 4 months in the bottle

Analytical data: total acidity 5.5 g/l – volatile acidity 0.70 – dry extract 23.0 g/l

Colour: yellow tending towards gold, silver highlights, limpid and clean colour; excellent glycerine base (5.7- 6.5 g/l), silvery and dense

Aroma: characteristic of the aromatic varietal, almost nutmeg-like, blends with the notes of white berry and exotic fruits; good nose acidity and balance

Flavour: full, harmonious and fruity, hints of the taste of aromatic grapes which blend with mature yellow peach, finishes with a touch of sage and citrus; balanced acidity and pH (3.2) which render the sweetness of this wine very pleasing

Winemaster notes: special, harmonious to the nose and on the palate, slightly aromatic, fresh and fruity with the fullness of pulp, and thoroughly fresh-tasting

Serving: taste at 10° – 12 °C (summer), 13 – 15 °C (winter); stemmed glass, rounded, closed tulip form

Pairing: should be tried with alpine cheeses, tender herbed cheeses, fresh seasonal and citrus fruit salads (orange, tangerine) and baked dishes