The Story of an Ancient Vineyard

This time we tell you the story of a vineyard that everyone thought should have been uprooted, but…

Once upon a time in a place called La Mula there was a vineyard dated 1967, many plants were missing and everyone thought its destiny was uprooting and replanting.

Marco Formaggini nei suoi vigneti a Vicobarone
But one day the Wise Man said: “… it’s a pity, here we produce our best Malvasia! Old vines never make a mistake” and at the end he decided: “We do not uproot”.

La vigna vecchia di Formaggini e Peveri a Ziano
So we started making drains to improve the soil, replace poles and wires

Le barbatelle pronte per il nuovo vigneto

And of course we put new plants where they were missing, letting old plants continuing their good life.

Il lavoro per il nuovo vigneto
We really needed a lot of work, but this is the result: a vineyard where fifty years old vines go on producing excellent grapes and younger plants growing year after year and taking their time to start producing grapes.

Il vecchio vigneto con i reimpianti di nuove viti